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Almond Absolute a few moments and immerse yourself in absolute comfort. It is very well used in cosmetic formulations. From the heart of almond, it brings you softness, moisture nourishment and more youthful-looking skin. It's just what you need for a completely pampering "me" time.

- Benzoin is a tree native to southeast Asia. Its trunk exudes a resin well known for its strong astringent and antiseptic action. For this reason it is used externally to fight tissue inflammation and to disinfect wounds. When taken internally, benzoin resin acts to settle griping pain, to stimulate coughing, and to disinfect the urinary tract. The gum is widely used in cosmetics as an antioxidant in oils, as a fixative in perfumes, and as an additive to Soaps. When steam inhaled, it helps heal sore throats, head and chest colds, and bronchitis. Properties : antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory.
Quite simply put, botanical-Michelia champaka is the most exclusive and exotic flowering tree known to man. For that very reason Champaka absolute is considered very precious. For more evidence, consider that it takes thousands and thousands of petals in order to produce 1 kg./Lt. of the absolute oil. Champaka is credited with being an effective oil as an antiviral, antispasmodic, stimulant, febrifuge, antiseptic, and as an astringent. Champaka generally blends well with all oils, but specificly, it blends well with Sandalwood & Calendula. Champaka has a well rounded aroma. There are initially green top notes followed by softer, more floral tones. It is important to note that all absolutes are extremely concentrated by nature. They should not be evaluated in this state unless your accustomed to the undiluted fragrance. For those trying Absolutes for the first time, we strongly recommend they be evaluated in dilution. Otherwise, the complexity of the fragrance-particularly the rare & exotic notes-become lost.
An extremely exotic absolute with a deep sensual fragrance often used in perfumes. Becuase of its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant skin refreshing properties, it is excellent for use in Night Creams or Lotions and other preventative preparations, as well as Deep Cleansing Lotions. This golden honey colored absolute is too solid to pour, the Frangipani Absolute is the texture of a soft, spreadable balm. Frangipani absolute has a heavy, sweet, floral-green aroma, with a soft spicy background. An exotic scent that is both sweet and fruitlike. Sweet as honey, longlasting and subtle on the skin.
The rich absolute of pure honey is has a soft, sweet heavenly scent of honey. It blends well with floral and citrus oils such as Rose, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Lemon, Lime, Sandalwood, Vetiver & Neroli. Use it in perfume blends and in scenting your skin care formulations.

Jasmine is now well known and cultivated in both Asia and Europe. Jasmine is an evergreen rambler that produces sweetly scented white flowers. It is the dried flower petals that make a delicious aromatic tea that relieves tension & depression. Jasmine oil is an absolute extracted from the flower. It is good for sensitive skin. It is also uplifting and stimulating. Jasmine was believed for a long time to have limited benefit outside of skin care. EMOTIONALLY, it produces a feeling of optimism, confidence and euphoria, psychic insight, and it is helpful in cases of apathy, indifference and listlessness. Properties - aromatic, anti-spasmodic, expectorant. Alchemists anoint their hands with jasmine oil.
Labdanum is also known as the Rose of Sharon and is mentioned in the Bible in several locations. An essential oil of this plant is also produced. It is typically called Cistus essential oil. The most important for use in natural perfumery is Labdanum Absolute. Labdanum Absolute is refined from Labdanum Gum in a 2 step process. First a concrete is made using a solvent such as hexane or heptane. Next the Labdanam Absolute is extracted from the concrete. Labdanum Absolutes can vary dramatically depending on how they are extracted and by which solvents are used during the refinement process. The best Labdanum Absolutes are lighter in color, more pourable, more soluble in fixed oils, and blend with other essential oils.
Pink Lotus Absolute represents what we think of as the "crowning glory of floral absolutes". Pink Lotus is a FABULOUS absolute, and superior. It is considered a sacred flower in India. It helps and promote SPIRITUAL reflection and MEDITATION. Properties are-astringent, hypotensive, resolvent, stomachic and tonic, cancer, & miscellany healing properties.
White Lotus ( Nymphaea ) is used in the great work to enhance intuition and clairvoyance while Pink lotus (Nelumbo nuciferal) is very sacred in many spiritualist cults and was sacred in India, Tibet, China, Egypt and other Asian countries.
MIMOSAABSOLUTE - MARIGOLD -Calendula Officinalis
Marigold absolute is used for skin preparations to treat eczema, scars, cracked skin, rashes, inflammations and viral infections. The Absolute is stronger than the maceration and it only takes a few drops to be effective. Marigold has anti-septic, astringent, & anti-fungal properties.
The Mimosa plant is a small thorny tree. The flowers are very fragile and specialized know-how is necessary to maintain the quality of the bloom. Mimosa Absolute is widely used in Aromatherapy, Cosmetics and Soap manufacturing. It is relaxing and warming; and helps to overcome anxiety and sensitivity. It is also used as a fixative in the perfumery industry. Mimosa absolute should be heated to come out of its solid state. Good to blend with Lavender, Peru Balsam. Mimosa Absolute has mild floral notes. It quickly became the flower of choice in the decoration residences in the fashionable World.
They grow well on trunks of the Oak. Oakmoss absolute is a viscous liquid with an extremely intense aroma reminiscent of a damp forest floor. Its odor is uplifting, cooling and calming. Its properties are more emotional and spiritual than physical. It can be used as an addition with respiratory oils as an inhalant to relieve congested sinus. May irritate sensitive skin. Blends well with cedarwood, citrus, pine, rosemary and vetiver.
The intoxicating, fresh floral scent of Rose Damascena makes Rose Absolute a key ingredient in perfumery. The aroma of the absolute tends to be stronger & truer than the steam distilled oil from the same roses. Use rose absolute in fragrancing conventional and solid perfumes, and for other fragrancing needs. For Aromatherapy purposes and use in skin care products.
The Fresh flowers, picked before the petals open. Aroma is Heavy, sweet-floral, sometimes slightly spicy, tenacious. Produced in India, France, Morocco, China, Taiwan, and Egypt. Used in high-class perfumes, especially of an oriental, floral, or fantasy type. Properties-Narcotic. Benefits - Perfume. Blends with - gardenia, jasmine, neroli, peru balsam, rose and ylang ylang. Pure absolute extraction of tuberose is perhaps the most expensive at the disposal of the modern perfumer.
The flower has almost no odor, but its seeds give off a wonderful fragrance that can actually be intoxicating in high concentrations. Vanilla is used to increase the midrange or "loving" vibrations both in cooking and in aromatic sachets and has been called the "Middle C" of spices. At one time, just carrying a vanilla bean was thought to tune one's consciousness to a higher level. Although it is solvent extracted, you can always find a use for this sweet, irresistible all too familiar aroma. The warm, sweet aroma of vanilla eases stress, brings on a feeling of comfort, and puts a smile on your face. Use it in room fragrance products, drawer sachets, and in the diffuser. It combines beautifully with spice oils, citrus oils, and some florals.

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