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What is Hydrosol?
A hydrosol is a product of the distillation process. While in the vapor state this distillate water is responsible for carrying the essential oil to the seperator. The water- soluble constituents of the plant are contained in it which give it its aroma and therapeutic properties.

What can I use Hydrosol for?...Skin care, hair care, natural & subtle perfume, healthy air, babies & children, culinary...
There are a variety of ways to use this healing water. The most common is as a refreshing skin care mist or toner; compresses; added to water for hair rinse; as an additive to clay masks and creams; subtle and natural 'perfume' for children and taken internally for a myriad of health benefits. Gentle enough even for babies, Lavender, Helichrysum or Rose can be used for a baby's bottom; spray directly on skin (the mist is fine enough it won't be too shocking!) to soothe and heal or add a tablespoon to a small bucket of warm water and use to wet the cloth at change time or meal time cleanup and take the spritz bottle and some baby wash cloths along to replace synthetic baby wipes.

And, of course, floral waters are commonly used in the culinary arts: think Baklava with rose water sprinkled on top; Lavender Lemonade, and Ylang Ylang alone or combined with the other tasty hydrosols, in ice cream making! Use in teas; baking (add 1 teaspoon to tablespoon to wet ingredients or spritz on just before serving); mix into the water for making ice cubes...

NOTE : Please remember to store your precious hydrosols under refrigeration. True, natural hydrosol contain no preservatives so should be treated as perishable. We store them under refrigeration, and do our best to maintain sterility while rebottling, however if you plan on using any of these healing waters internally, we suggest you pasteurize them before use. Filtering through a fine filter (a coffee filter works beautifully) and slowly heating just to a very slow boil should insure sterility without damaging the healing elements.

Basil hydrosol is best known for ( Indian ) culinary use. This fresh addition is sure to moisten your taste buds. A fabulous spray of Basil hydrosol in pasta, fried meals, salads, and many other dishes. Basil hydrosol also makes an invigorating all purpose spray for your dining area, kitchen, and refrigerator. It's good to be used in cosmetic.
Carrot Seed Hydrosol is good for aging skin as it repairs and tones the skin, reduces formation of wrinkles and scars. Carrot seed hydrosol is very good and effective for oily and dry skin too. Since, Carrot seed hydrosol has an aromatic odor, it is a lovely toner for mature skin and used for homemade face cream and other cosmetic formulations as well.
Calendula hydrosol is very famous for its therapeutic properties and usually used for loving couple. It's fabulous aroma is just never-ending, soothing, refreshing, sweet and calm flowery. Calendula hydrosol is very useful for skin, hotspots, rashes, epidermal healing, scratches, sunburn and scars. It is also called as skin tonic. Calendula hydrosol is an ideal to be used in cosmetic formulations.
Catnip hydrosol's properties are very well know for relaxation due to its fresh and minty note aroma. Having soothing bedtime spray of Catnip hydrosol encourages and increases happiness, acceptance and life force. And after that if you feel brave then can drive cat wild with a few spray onto most anything that they are free to twist. It is also called up lifter hydrosol.
Chamomile hydrosol is very essential hydrosol. You will be amazed with its quality and properties as it is anti-inflammatory, skin calming and somewhat astringent. Fantastic for most skin types, relaxing and calming for skin disorders including eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, burns, rash. Chamomile hydrosol is very nice and calming for babies and an excellent tush spritz during diaper changes. Chamomile hydrosol can be used as an internal eyewash for conjunctivitis, dry, tired, irritated or red eyes. Use in a compress with a drop of lavender for migraines Mix with Neroli hydrosol for acne and oily skin. You may mix chamomile hydrosol with Lavender or Geranium hydrosol for dry skin. Chamomile hydrosol also has one of the most beautiful floral aromas. A great hydrosol for facial and body applications. It's just FABULOUS !
Cucumber hydrosol smells so similar to the fresh cucumber fruit that you may have to give up from eating it. Very refreshing, cooling, crisp aroma that would be perfect as a summer body spray. As we all know that cucumbers are very well known for their soothing, healing, and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, hence steam distilled from whole fruit Cucumber hydrosol is recommended. It is suitable for both food and cosmetic use.
Champaca hydrosol is highly used in natural skin care and also used in face mask and toners for giving a sensational effect and glow. Champaca hydrosol is very useful as an anti depressant giving optimism and confidence, producing a feeling of euphoria and helps overcome apathy and listlessness. Champaca hydrosol is having properties like anti depressant, aphrodisiac, anti spasmodic, antiseptic, stimulant and emollient.
Cinnamon hydrosol can be added to food as it raises spiritual energy to a higher level. It is aromatic and has strong antioxidant activity and has the potential to help maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Cinnamon hydrosol is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal. It has been used to control bleeding and treat infections. Good to be used in Tea and culinary.
Clarysage hydrosol is soothing, relaxing, sweet and warm. When using Clary Sage hydrosol on face it makes skin smooth and free from wrinkles. It is also regarded as a body spray or toner, which helps relieve period pain and premenstrual problems. Clarysage hydrosol is a beautiful earthy and herbaceous with a hint of floral, its just FANTASTIC.
Cedarwood hydrosol is well recognized for its purifying porperties and is used to benefit the oily skin and tissues near the surface of the skin. Cedarwood hydrosol can also be used for dandruff and itchy scalps. Cedarwood hydrosol has very nice warm, woody odor which is loved by the men. Cedarwood hydrosol is very much useful for hair and its growth when it is mixed with the shampoo while taking bath.
Eucalyptus hydrosol is a powerful antiseptic, widely used in bath. Eucalyptus hydrosol is very effective against airborne viruses and bacteria. It can also be used as room freshner as it helps keep mosquitoes, cold & flu at bay. It is excellent for skin or topical application. Eucalyptus hydrosol is useful as an insect repellent. It has a dominating scent. Its just STUNNING.
Frankincense hydrosol is widely used as a toner to improve skin texture, or using it in face masks for an instant "Face Lift" Combined with other anti-aging hydrosols it helps keep wrinkles at bay. Frankincense hydrosol has woody and balsamic odor. Frankincense hydrosol works energetically and wonderfully for meditation preparation and used in religious ceremonies. Frankincense hydrosol is helps center the mind and calm the spirit. It can be added to food or water as a dietary supplement.
Geranium hydrosol is very good for all skin types. Geranium hydrosol can be applied in a lotion or cream onto weeping eczema. Geranium hydrosol helps the prevention of thread veins when used regularly. It enhances positivity and humour. Geranium hydrosol is considered to be a woman's best hydrosol because of its hormone balancing effect. It is also good for acne and oily skin. Geranium hydrosol has been used for centuries for skin care & for its spiritually uplifting signature. Its aromatic influence helps release negative memories. Geranium hydrosol also acts as an insect repellent and can be used in outdoor lotion bars. It is recommended for oily skin, acne, spots, facial toner, premenstrual breakouts and mood balancer.
- Ginger lily hydrosol is a wonderful hydrosol as for body spray. It is also a lovely addition to shampoos, conditioners and other cosmetic products. Ginger lily hydrosol carry fresh woody sweet odor which is left after using its wonderful spray on hair. Ginger lily hydrosol is used in a compress, lotion, liniment, or massage oil, it's heating action relieves pain from arthritis, sore muscles, menstrual cramps, and headache. Ginger hydrosol stimulates both appetite and poor blood circulation and helps relieve nausea and motion sickness. Acts as a SEXUAL stimulant. It also perform well as a sexual "pick-me-up" refreshment.
Gardenia hydrosol is known as a common name of a popular garden and house plant. It has strong sweet scent of their flowers which is just like and resembles of white roses. It also has an fascinating spray/mist for your satisfaction. Gardenia hydrosol is also called "Kuchinashi" in Japan. Its effervescent top notes are of rose petal, neroli and crisp orange which lead into a floral heart of Indian gardenia, yellow champaca flower, jasmine, lily of the valley and a hint of carnation. This is balanced with sensual base notes of amber, Indian sandalwood and clove. Indian Gardenia hydrosol is very famous and its fabulous odor has been known for Sensual and Romantic notes.
Ginger hydrosol is originally from Southeast Asia, India. It is very mush popular as a spice and flavoring, it is one of the world's best medicines being used since long long time. Ginger hydrosol is a part of love spells and used to add power to other retuals. It is also used on diseased areas of the body to cure people. Ginger hydrosol brings relief to digestion, stimulates circulation, reduce headaches and kills intestinal parasites. Properties - diaphoretic, carminative, circulatory stimulant, inhibits coughing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic. Ginger hydrosol's uses - arthritis, muscular aches & pains, cramps, fever, flu, chills and infectious disease.
Grapefruit hydrosol is an aromatic and its aromatic influences help prevent one from drowning in ones own negativity and spiritual "up-lifter" as it is said and believed by aromatherapiests. Grapefruit hydrosol is also used in cosmetic products as it is believed to help hair growth. It is very good for an energizing skin toner and refreshing body splash. Grapefruit hydrosol is also known as refreshing citrus hydrosol as an amazing toner for oily skin and hair. It is also very well known for reducing cellulite and works well as disinfectant too. Grapefruit hydrosol is a purifier of congested, oily and acne prone skin. Grapefruit hydrosol is also sometimes added to creams and lotions as a natural toner, & in some circles it is believed to promote hair growth.
This hydrosol is wonderfully gentle for sensitive and mature skin. The properties of this hydrosol make it one of the most desirable. The essential oil of Helichrysum is quite expensive but essential for bruises. Helichrysum hydrosol is also effective when used in a compress on bruises or on achy areas, and more affordable. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, use after surgery for wounds and tissue damage, reduces swelling and bruising. Use as a mouthwash for receding gums. Helichrysum hydrosol makes a lightly refreshing facial mist for mature and dry skin, with a mildly dry and "toasty" aroma. This is the best hydrosol we have experienced for those in search of a complete skin toning and healing experience.
Jasmine hydrosol is a natural and can be used as perfume after bath splash that refreshes skin and the senses with the refreshing floral sweet scent of jasmine. It is delicate freshener that imparts the natural fragrance of jasmine. It is mostly used and loved by women. It can be used as spray on face for uplifting and relieving stress and anxiety. Women can spray it on hair before going out, it smells heavenly. It is good for sensitive skin, uplifting & stimulating. Emotionally, it produces a feeling of optimism and confidence. Jasmine hydrosol is also known for aphrodisiac.
Kewra hydrosol has a flowery sweet odor with pleasant quality. It is native to South East Asia and much cultivated on the Indian East coast - Orissa. It is very famous in Northern part of India and mainly used to flavour the Indian sweets. It is widely used in Indian weddings, parties, worship and on other occasions. It is used in Indian recipes and sprinkled over the rice, biryani just before serving. In central Asia and in the Middle East reagions, similar rice dishes are perfumed with Kewra hydrosol which makes the food more tasty.
Lavender hydrosol is gentle and balances pH, which makes it ideal as a toner for every skin type on a regular basis and a perfect addition to all face masks. Highly recommended for fragile or damaged skin and soothing for a sunburn. Make a compress for headaches, stress. Relaxing and revitalizing, lavender hydrosol reduces mental fatigue, it's also nice for calming babies and for diaper maintenance. Skin types: Oily, dry and mature. This is one of the more relaxing and balancing hydrosols from our collection of flower waters. It is ideal for oily and combination skin, and is an excellent coolant for minor burns, rashes, and hot sores.
Lemon hydrosol is native to India and very well known for its calming effects on mental stress and fatigue. It is one of the most important and versatile natural medicines for home use. It has a high vitamin C content that helps improve resistance to infection, making it valuable for colds and flu. Lemon hydrosol is refreshing for all skin types. Properties - antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant, reduces fever. It may serve as an insect repellent and may be beneficial for the skin. This lovely hydrosol is also beneficial for herpes, cold sores, eczema, and general skin irritations.
Lemongrass hydrosol is refreshing, cleansing and stimulating tonic on the body and added to shampoos can give a shine to the hair. Lemongrass hydrosol has a very fresh grassy lemony scent and is good to use as room freshner as it helps keep mosquitoes at bay. Lemongrass is now widely cultivated in the tropical areas of America and Asia. Lemongrass hydrosol is used as a culinary flavoring scent. Its aromatic influences are psychic awareness and purification. Lemongrass planted in a garden or yard repels snakes because of its powerful etheric properties. Properties - digestive, antispasmodic, analgesic, antifungal. Its aromatic influences are psychic awareness and purification.
Lemon myrtle is naturally found and is native to Australia. It is has remarkable, inspiring, uplifting aroma. Lemon myrtle hydrosol has wonderful aroma which appeals to both men and women. It is very comfortable in citral than other citrus sources like Lemon, Lemon verbena, Lemongrass etc.

More Hydrosols > 1 | 2
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